How To Change WordPress Website Default Admin Username


In this article, you will learn the best way to change your default WordPress admin username within a few minutes. Before moving to our main topic, lets just quickly go over some interesting facts that are equally important to understand.

Why default admin username must be changed?

These kind of attacks are usually performed by using bots. These bots send automated requests in order to logically guess your credentials and breach into the system.

By changing the default username of your WordPress website, you increase your site security against such bot attacks by 50%.

With the rapid growth in the WordPress websites (because its intuitive, simple, flexible), the number of online threats has also increased. Hackers are constantly looking to find vulnerabilities in your websites. As per Forbes, on an average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. As per IBM, a report in 2020 states that it took an average of 280 days to even identify a breach.

Both these facts are alarming for you as a website owner.

No doubt the WordPress is continuously evolving and improving its security features; these online predators have also evolved even faster than ever before. With advancement in technology, they act more smartly with well-formulated strategies.

As a website owner, this poses a great concern for you, but only if you have not taken a few security measures into consideration. Your website is your digital property and for some of you it could be your livelihood.

In any case, your website security should be your top priority to avoid any future risks. One of the important security measures is to change your default WordPress admin username.

It can be performed in a few simple steps; in fact it’s so easy that it gets overlooked by the majority of the website owners.

What’s the best and simplest way to change default username (admin) of your WordPress website?

The best, simplest and easiest way of doing so is to install the Easy Username Updater plugin.

Here’s the complete step by step process to follow:

Step 1 – Search the plugin and install

Search the plugin by its name and click install.


Step 2 – Go to Username Updater

After installing the plugin, you will see an additional option (Username Updater) in front of the Users field. Click on this.


Step 3- Click Update

After clicking Username Updater, a window will appear that shows you all the existing usernames. Click Update to change the username.


Step 4- Enter new username

Once you click the Update, this window with appear. Enter new username in the box and click Update Username.


Step 5 – Login with new username

Now, you will be required to login with new username.


Step 6- Done!

Done! Here’s your new username.



You must change your WordPress website default admin username to make your website more secure against online threats. There are several ways to do so, but the most convenient way is to install Easy Username Updater plugin.

If you are concerned that adding another plugin would make your website slow, then here’s the good news for your. Once you have changed the username, it will remain the same even if you remove this plugin from your website.

If you wish to change it again, then you can install the plugin again and follow the above mentioned process.