Complete WordPress Ping List | Get Your Post Quickly Indexed In Search Engines [Updated 2021]

Why to use WordPress Ping List?


WordPress ping list can be very helpful in getting your blog content quickly indexed in all the major search engines. Whenever you publish a new content or update your old content, the ping servers notify the news websites, website directories and many other services about it.

These websites further notify the search engines and thus search engines index the new/updated content quickly. The faster it gets indexed by search engines, the faster it attracts more traffic.

Although WordPress’ default mechanism does the job for you quite well, you can increase your blog reach by pinging even more services.

Given below is a complete WordPress ping list for quick indexing. You can manually add these ping services to your blog by following a few simple steps.

How to add WordPress ping list

Go inside your WordPress dashboard. Under the Settings tab, go to Writing and scroll down to Update Services.  Add all the ping list mentioned above.

Look at this screenshot for a better understanding:



WordPress ping services are a better option if you want bots to crawl your posts immediately after any updates. However, please keep in mind that doing this is not considered as a key factor to improve your blog rankings. There are several other factors which decide your blog rankings like original content, backlinks, on-page and off-page SEO etc.