11 Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Research | Technical and Fundamental Analysis – NSE & BSE

If you are an experienced trader or investor then you can easily filter out and analyze the useful information and reach out to a conclusion because you have devoted enough time to the market.

However, if you are new to the stock market then it can be a challenging task for you.  Although nowadays things have changed drastically due to rapid advancement in technology and there are different sources where quality information is available in abundance as compared to earlier days.

Mentioned below is the list of 11 best websites for Indian stock market research as well as technical and fundamental analysis.

1. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is amongst the most popular websites for the latest business and finance news.  One can find all sorts of information regarding live Sensex, currencies, commodities, personal finance, global market, mutual fund, IPO etc.

This website works as a handy tool for Indian stock investors to have a quick look over the fundamental and technical data of any company. They cover in-depth analysis and also provide expert opinions.

Their online business forum is another attractive feature that can be useful to find active discussions on the stock market.

They also provide a bunch of financial calculators that can help potential investors in calculating a rough estimate of the expected returns on their investment. These include – Retirement Planning, EMI Calculator, SIP Planner, and SIP Calculator.

Apart from the website, the Moneycontrol app is also available on all the major platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Quick Tips for using Moneycontrol.com effectively:

  • Use any ad-blocker so that you are not constantly bombarded with annoying ads.
  • Ignore all the click-bait articles that are just designed to draw your attention, but do not really have any valuable content. For example – Five multibagger ideas, See who became crorepati and so on.
  • Stay away from its forum which is a chaotic place filled with stock tip providers and confused traders, basically a wastage of time.

All in all, moneycontrol is an awesome website to check out.

2. NSE India

This is the official website of the National Stock Exchange and is the mother of all information.  The information available on this website is authentic, error-free, and trustworthy.

Everything from open interest data to delivery reports, you will get all on this website. If you are a determined and enthusiastic trader, you would surely want to visit this website at least once a day.

They provide historical comparison of returns on money invested in the stock market.

The website has a vast material that covers Indices, Market data, Corporate announcements, Board meetings, Corporate actions, Circulars, Press releases, Media coverage

They also offer various certification courses on the stock market. There is also a subsidiary of NSE (NSE Academy Ltd) which aims to promote financial education as a necessary life skill for everyone.

3. BSE India

Similar to the NSE, BSE is also the official website of Bombay Stock Exchange. The information available on this website is authentic, error-free, and trustworthy.

Although the BSE website has less visitors as compared to the NSE website, they are not behind the NSE in any area. They have made recent changes in their information presentation.

Being the oldest and first stock exchange in India, one can get the oldest historical data about the companies listed under BSE.

4. Investing

This is one of the favorite websites for most of the traders.

The most useful feature on this website is its chart presentation. They have amazing user-friendly customizable charts that can be loaded with any indicator of your choice.  You can even set price alerts on the stocks of your choice.

Besides Indian stocks, you can also track global indices, crypto currencies, world commodities, currencies, ETFs, and bonds and pretty much anything that trades. 

Also keep an eye on the economic calendar which gives the list of upcoming events that can potentially move the market. These include important events such as the RBI meeting, US federal reserve meeting, jobs reports, etc.

Visit investing.com to get all the trending news and global market updates. A very handy website for technical analysis.

Click on any stock and you will get all the relevant information regarding it which is further divided into different sections: Overview, Technicals, News, Analysis, Historical Data, Financials, Earnings, Comments, and Chart.

Cons: Sometimes price updation is delayed on this website which can affect you if you are doing intraday trading.  Otherwise, it is fine for positional or short-term trading.

Pros: You can create your own watchlist.

5. Screener.com

Best for fundamental analysis. Simple presentation. Free to use.

This website is focused on the fundamentals of the companies. It presents the complex financial information in a simplified and user-friendly manner.

You can analyse the financial reports, compare companies within a sector, run scans and do a lot more.

Almost everything available on this website is free. The best thing about this website is that you are not constantly bombarded with any ads and it is easy to focus on what you are looking for.

There are a lot of default screeners available based on Formula, Results, Valuations, etc. These can help you find out a list of stocks that fulfill your criteria.

6. Chartink.com

Best for technical analysis and reading chart patterns. Free to use.

Also very useful for those who can read chart patterns and understand scanners.  A convenient tool in shortlisting stocks based on the indicators of your choice. You can even create your own scanners by using different indicators..

Premium services include real-time chart analysis. You can set up alerts on your favorite stocks and receive instant alerts on Desktop, SMS & Email.

7. TradingView

Tradingview is a powerful and feature rich charting platform for the worldwide stock markets. Tradingview is a traders’ social platform where you can publish your trade ideas.

Best feature is that you can open different charts simultaneously on a single screen.

8. Valueresearchonline

Best website in India to get information related to mutual funds. You can visit this website to get complete and accurate details on mutual funds. There is no mobile phone app currently.

9. Moneybhai.com

Moneybhai is an online virtual stock market trading platform which is also known as paper trading. Paper trading is a great way for beginners to start trading without risking their real money.

If you are a beginner to trading, our advice is to start here. You will get a virtual amount of Rs 1 crore which you can invest in shares, mutual funds, or fixed deposits. It is the best way to learn trading for a beginner.

10. Zerodha Varsity

Varsity is Zerodha’s educational initiative. Do check it out as its author, Karthik Rangappa, has done a great job in explaining complex stock market concepts in a very simple way. 

11. StockEdge

StockEdge is a handy tool to give a quick glance over the Indian stock market. Some of its amazing features available include News and Updates, FII and DIIs activities, Deals

Scans based on breakout, price movement, RSI, moving average etc.

StockEdge also has a feature where you can have a look over portfolios of renowned investors of India like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RK Damani. This feature can help you follow them and learn from their investing styles.